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nigerians to enact terrorist attacks against the united states. president obama ordered them to follow-up on more leads, share reports and beef up the no fly list. he wants the u.s. to start a sustained and intense effort to stay ahead of the security challenge. >> the u.s. government had the information scattered throughout the system to potentially uncover this plot and disrupt the attack. rather than a failure to collect or share intelligence, this was a failure to connect and understand the intelligence that we already had. >> reporter: these remarks from the president were delivered about 4:30, a short time ago. they were originally supposed to be at 2:00. that shifted actions at the white house. we are in the process right now of standing by for a briefing from white house press secretary robert gibbs. we are monitoring that and will bring it to you live later today. laura, back to you. >> fits fitz, thanks for the overview. >>> a debate over whether to use full body scanners and the obama administration request for increased security. italy announced it will oin britain and the
security today but are other countries blowing off new safety measures mandated by the united states? >>> the recent blast of cold weather not just needing an extra jacket or so but led to a bumpy commute around town. we are on pothole pat local and emergency repairs that could impact your ride. fox 5 morning news continues ght now at 6:00. >> thank you for staying with us. it is 6:00 on this tuesday morning, january 5th. a live look at our nation's capitalrom tower cam. it is cold out there. good morning, i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. we do have one school delay to pass along this morning out in western maryland. garrett county schools or a two- hour delay today. they will be opening a little bit later in garrett county this morning. >> and also bishop ireton school in alexandria is closed today. they don't have any water or heat. cold again today. >> more cold. we've got a cold start to the day. temperatures in the 20s. the difference between this morning and yesterday morning, we see some snow here and there. light snow, nothing to worry about but a few snow showers.
. >>> the united states has sent more help to haiti. instead of going to africa and the persian gulf, the pentagon diverted 2,000 marines to haiti. the convoy could arrive in haiti sometime today. the united states has started preparing tents at cuba's gawntd guantanamo bay in case of a mass exodus -- at cuba's guantanamo bay in case of a mass exodus. >>> there will be a telethon on fox 5 beginning tomorrow night at 8:00. >>> new this morning, his comeback victory in the massachusetts senate race stunned democrats, many of who are now concerned about the fate of health care reform. now, republican senator-elect scott brown will make his rounds on capitol hill today. sarah simmons joins us live with a preview. >> reporter: good morning. well, senator brown will be getting to know his new colleagues on the hill today meeting with senator both sides of the aisle including one. his big backers, senator john mccain, a republican from arizona. also, he will be meeting with his new partner from massachusetts, senator john kerry. now, the timing of his swearing- in is still up in the air. he is still tech
was adopted and brought to the united states. along the way, she learned she has limits and couldn't cross the monkey bars and learned that lesson when she fell and broke her right arm. since that day, nothing else slowed her down. >> she's t just another face in the crowd, a title given to her by "sports illustrated." she's a driven 16-year-old who loves swimming and who boasts an impressive resume. monkey bars aside, anna can do it all. >> and climb the rock wall and the mountain. i can't believe he did that, i can. it's like is it see normal to me? anna was born missing her left arm below the elbow. it's -- it's the only way she's ever known and although she's physically challenged, it's not stopped her from reaching for the cold. -- gold. >> reporter: anna has five gold medals that she won in the pan- american games in october. competing against other arm amputees. >> it's amazing and i was happy when they did it. when you put them around my neck. was like it's cool. >> and now she's training to reach her goal, the spot on the u.s. paraolympic team in 2012 in london. the dally routine
the room. >> madam speaker, the president of the united states. [cheers and applause] >> theeople standing along in many cases have been there a long time to get them and we'll hear the banter for the president and see them interacting and so while we can we'll listen. [cheers a applause] [cheers and applause] >> chris, i have heard his demeanor characterized in a number of ways. that is conjectory thing. as we sat down at the table with the president in the white house, he seemed relaxed and took his coat off and invited everybody else to do that. i realize we have had hard times. we hope they might have gone in recent months. to say he was anything less than deflated over the idea of a health care reform loss which clearly he h. the person he gave a warm welcome is tim geithner, the treasury secretary. that interesting, geithner was on capitol hill getting a roasting not only from the republicans in congress but also from the democrats . so he was running the new york fed of the aig, got roasted and some people suggested that he should step down. i don't think it is just a coincidence th
. here is a look at the satellite- radar for the eastern united states or for the mid-atlantic. can you see, as we were saying yesterday, awe lot of that precipitation that you see as far as the snow goes, you see how it hits the mountains and doesn't make it over the mountains. that will be more of the same. we do see off the north and east some development of some light precipitation. right now, 36-degree in the nation's capital. relative humidity, 67%. your forecast for today, partly to mostly sunny. we'll see more clouds this morning than we will it the latter part of the day. the winds will pick up 15, 20 miles per hour gusting up to 30, 35 miles per hour but our temperatures quite nice. we are being look for a high of 50 degrees in the district. >> may as well enjoy it today i guess. >> yes, it will get colder. >> we'll enjoy today then. let's check in with julie wright and get an early look at traffic. >> so far, so good. no incidents to report. traffic volume still flowing at speed at the wilson bridge. all lane are open traveling southbound on 95 and 295 out of laurel head down
states. the only person tried in the united states for a role in the september 11th attacks will stay in prison. a federal court has denied the appeal of zacarias moussaoui. he claimed that prosecutors withheld potentially helpful evidence during his trial and he was restricted in choosing his own counsel. >>> defense giant northrop grumman says it will move its corporate office from l.a. here to the washington area. the company wants to be closer to key government customers. it is looking if a location in d.c., maryland or virginia and hopes to identify one by spring. they make military planes, missiles, ships and other equipment. >>> gilbert arenas has admitted to having unloaded gun in the team's locker room. he in a statement, he says >>> potholes have started to pop up everywhere and bitter cold is to blame. emergency repairs will definitely inconvenience drivers on parts of the beltway. wisdom mart unis on pothole patrol. >> reporter: it is that time of year again. potholes are starting to pop up everywhere and drivers are trying to maneuver around the big bumps in the road. >>
exessential threat to united states was the terrorism attack in the country. there was a profound emphasis on al-qaeda and terrorism up until i think the decision to go into iraq and then the operations in iraq consumed all of the energy. the situation in yemen has deteriorated over the last several years, because of a concentration on iraq, a concentration on efforts that are tangential at best to al-qaeda. this president, i think, understands that the exocential threat are in afghanistan. >> chris: i don't want to relive the bush year. let's talk about what jon kyl talked about that stuck in people's craw. the decision to charge umar farouk abdulmutallab as criminal defendant inste of enemy combatant. yes, he did talk, but only for 30 hours. and the fact is according to a lot of interrogators 30 hours is not enough. why not? what is the -- let me ask it this way: what is the downside to continuing to treat him as an enemy combatant? >> well, first of all, we have charged and in many cases convicted hundreds of individuals since 9/11 in our vil courts as criminals. and i think one -- it's
of haiti. hillary clinton says the u.s. in the process of gathering information. >> the united states is offering our full assistance to haiti and to others in the region. we will be providing both civilian and military disaster relief and humanitarian assistance. >> reporter: the earthquake was also felt in the dominican republican which shares a border with haiti on the island of hispaniola. some panicked residents ran from their shaking homes but no damage was reported there. >> reporter: we're back here live at the fairfax fire and rescue training academy where they are ready to deploy at a moment's notice. with me is the assistant fire chief dare roar. have you been on the missions before and explain to me when you're hearing the reports of what the damage is down there. is there anything like your men have seen before? >> many of the men and women have been on disasters similar to this before, but it sounds like from the reports that we're getting from news media and in side that the devastation is pretty complex and pretty involved there. so our training and experience hopefull
a league for white players only. and you have to be born in the united states as well. don moose, lewis is calling it the all american basketball alliance will eventually have minor league teams n several southern cities. >> our fish give is middle white america. that's -- initiative is middle white america. that's the one that needs a little feel good nostalgic, this was fun like i remember. >> we fought so long to be able to get african-americans into major sports. and now to try to return back to the all white kind of play is ridiculous. >> lewis says the league will start in june. >>> in tonight's fox 5 top five, some relief at the gas pump and creditors looking at your facebook friends. laura evans explains. >> reporter: brian, do you have any financially responsible friends? number five tonight, you might think about adding those contacts to your twitter or facebook account. it could improve your chances of getting a loan. some lenders are now reportedly checking out social networking profiles to get a better read on potential clients and whether you're a potential risk. >>> want
to the united states said now is the time for all haitians and those in other countries to pull together to help this very poor country through a devastating time. they've been through difficult times before and he said haitians will come out of this stronger and united. he said they're a courageous people. he's going to meet with the u.s. state department to discuss more about what sort of aid this country needs. >> the state department has called me to come in and sit down to try to coordinate any help that they're going to give haiti. but, as i said, we don't know what is next until there is an assessment, until we know truly that the port-au-prince airport is open. >> reporter: and that assessment may take some time. this earthquake hit about 10 minutes until 5:00 haitian time and it will be difficult because as you've heard that communications are down. the airport there in port-au- prince is operating althgh one tower was hit. one of the most crucial things they need right now is for people to pull together is they need a hospital ship because the hospitals were hit as well and they, thems
was also on board. >>> osama bin laden is threatening new attacks against the united states and trying to take credit for the christmas day failed bombing attempt. the terror leader put out a new audio message carried by the al- jazeera network but there are a lot of questions over that claim that he planned the detroit bombing. intelligence an lichts say the so-called underwear bomber was actually trained by an al-qaeda group in yemen. >>> more grim news coming out of haiti as truckers are filling mass graves with bodies. >> the government says it has buried more than 150,000 quake victims and that does not include those buried by relatives or killed in the outlying areas. >>> a global army of aid workers igetting food into people's hands but acknowledges efforts are falling short of what is needed. >>> over the weekend, the haitian government said that rescue operations were ending but international teams continue their work p one team found a shop clerk. he drove under a desk at the grocery store where he worked he survived by drinking soda, beer and eating cookies and says his fait
or for the eastern united states and you can see it is a pretty good system that is moving across the eastern u.s. impacting nearly the entire east coast of the united states as part of that storm system that was hitting california hard over the weekend or last week rather. today, rain heavy at times, early this moing. some afternoon sunshine. breezy this afternoon. high early about 61. this afternoon, temperatures will be falling through the 50s. more on today's forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you. >>> let's check in with julie and find out how people are managing out on the roads. >> it is not easy a lot of stokes skating around trees and wires down across the highways and in some areas, we are talking about standing water especially where they've been busy doing the hot lane work. that hot lane work between arlington boulevard and 66, callers temperature us that right lane is blocked off now because of standing water. allow yourself some extra time on the roads this morning and slow down. we do have reports of some trees down along the right side of the road there so be ver
central california up into the northwestern states, the central parts of the united states are clear. precipitation-free and most of the eastern united states is precipitation-free with the exiption of some lake effect snows in portions of new york and pennsylvania -- with the exception of some lake effect snows in portions of new york and pennsylvania. a little bit warmer today for us. a high about 40 degrees. for tonight, cold again. maybe not quite as cold. 27degrees for your overnight low in town. wind remain calm. that is a good thing. then for your five-day forecast, we warm up nicely tomorrow into the mid- and upper 40s. by friday, we should be into the low 50s. some of you still the upper 40s but in town, i think the low 50s. saturday, flirting with 50. and on sunday, some precipitation moves in. that will most likely be rain. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. now, let's get an update on traffic from julie wright. >> most people are flirting with disaster and you're flirting with rain? >> i'll take that. >> the rain or the disaster? >> the rain. checking o
is in the midwest. >> red is bad. >> reporter: hold it right there and take a look at the other half of the united states. the midwest eastward. >> it's not usually thought that this area is seismically hazardous because people are used to thinking about california. >> reporter: people from st. louis to memphis think about it. they live on top of one of the nation's biggest earthquake dangers. the new fault line, a 150-mile seismic zone that impacts five states from the gateway city to blues and barbecue. the wohl area was devastated by a series of four major quakes back in the early 1800s, quakes so strong the mississippi river was said to have run backwards shaking felt as far away as washington, d.c. seismologists say the 7.0 haiti quake was the result of 200 years of built up pressure since the region's last major tum letter. we're coming up on the 200-year mark of what was believed to be an 8.2 magnitude or greater quake good some people are fairly skeptical because they haven't felt a damaging earthquake in their lifetime. >> reporter: the truth of the matter is that earth qaibs can strike a
poll. >>> as the united states applies more pressure on yemen to crack down on al-qaeda, the country is ving cautiously. it is worried about a potential backlash. one former yemeni soldier said, if the united states gets involved instead of dealing with 30 or 40 al-qaeda terrorists, the u.s. will have millions on its hands. >>> there are major new developments oversees seas. north creigh as calling for peace talks with the united states as a condition to resume six-party nuclear talks and end sanctions against the communist country. north even propose awed peace treaty to formally end the korean war which ended in a truce. pyongyang pulled out of talks last year. >>> a man posing as a secret service agent is expected in court today. 46-year-old frederick nickerson was arrested last tuesday after authorities say he flashed a phony badge and credentials. he is being held at the d.c. jail and will attend a detention hearing later today. >>> one d.c. woman went to bed alone and woke up with a stranger cuddling her. she screamed and he ran out of the home. the man didn't take anything. po
out law enforcement, provide security? does the united states forces who are there -- i'm sure they can defend themselves but what about more generally, who is providing security down there? >> well, the united nations forces have a mission to provide security and stability within the construct of what they are doing here. and they are doing that. but the police have been devastated as well. we've seen increasing presence of the police on the street. but it's limited. so we do have to to secure ourselves, as you said, but we also have to address how we are able to continue our humanitarian assistance mission in a safe and secure environment. so we're going to have to work and we are working alongside the united states, the united nations, and the government of haiti to continue this security challenge that we face. >> general keen, thank you very much for taking the time. dr. shah, thank you as well. thank you for coming in. on saturday, president obama asked former presidents george w. bush and bill clinton to help with the haiti relief efforts. after the white house meeting,
? >> we were trying to stop bringing gitmo detainees to the united states, but in the last bill that was passed, the majority removed that constraint. we have 40 members of our party in the senate. and a number of democrats who want to work with us. i hope that we might be able to do that. but i think the bush administration has been shown they made a mistake. i hope the obama administration will learn from that and not continue to commit the same mistake. >> chris: let's talk about another -- i suspect you'll say this is another mistake d. you think it was a mistake to charge abdulmutallab as a criminal defendant? >> clearly. as you said in your interview, as soon as they got away, he lawyered up. now they may be able to negotiate over a period of months or years some kind of deal in which he gives them some information. but we have the ability -- or we had the ability in the previous administration to interrogate detainees following the laws and the constitution, not torturing them but getting information from them. and this man abdulmutallab probably has more insight in to po
. >> the president of the united states! [ applause ] >> reporter: president obamaed the state of the union is clear. >> despite our hardship, the union is strong. >> reporter: the union between democrats and republicans is anything but. >> we're tired of the trip and the shouting and pettines >> reporter: from healthcare to guantanamo bay and the economy, large chunks of the president's speech were dedicated to trying to end the political warfare that tripped up big parts of the white house agenda agenda. we can't wage a perpetual campaign where the only goal is to see who can get the most embarrassing headlines about the other side. and the game changer came last week when democrats lost the 60- vote majority in the senate. the president's renewed call for been comes as he enters's new year and will require input. >> democrats and republicans to work through our differenc. >> reporter: can they come together? house democratic majority leaders steny hoyer said he's tried to bring republicans to the table. >> did not get a positive response as if to say, as many republicans have said publicly, that
, a live report from port-au-prince and learn about orphans arriv united states. go to for the latest headlines on earthquake relief efforts going on now. >>> following a developing story at home. it was a close call this afternoon for a district man and his two twin sons. they were overcome by carbon monoxide gas inside their home. it happened on seton place off north capitol street. bob barnard is live with the latest. >> reporter: laura, good news is ever one will be fine. the man and his two sons. there was an extremely high level of carbon monoxide found inside the ome after noon. fire investigators suspecting a faulty furnace. it was an urgent scene on seton place. a man and his two teenage sons rushed to the hospital. d.c. fire and ems officials say a phone call from one of the boys to his counselor may have saved all three lives. fire officials say the counselor called his boss and asked her to call 911. >> knocked on the door, no answer. firefighters broke in the doors and the adult male, the father stumbled out semi conscious. >> reporter: while paramedics
wilson, fox news. >>> a 15-year-old girl is now getting medical care here in the united states. this young woman suffered severe injuries to her face in the earthquake. she is now at children's hospital in miami. her cousin is her guardian because the girl's mother died when their home collapsed on top of them. doctors say she is doing much better but has a long road ahead. >> she's sustained significant facial injuries and again the treatment of those facial injury has to be tailored to the fact that we received her you know eight days after the event. >> reporter: even the other quake survivors are also being treated at thesame hospital. >>> today in the district, civil rights activist dick gregory vowed not to eat for 30 days to bring attention the flight of the victims in hti. speaking at union temple baptist church he said he won't eat or drink anything for the first week and after that only liquids. greg i have 77 years old. >>> well, younger activists in our area are also working to help haiti. >>> they are elementary school kids little children with big hearts. as beth
. the u.s. government now telling all airlines flying into the united states get ready for tighter security. that means hundreds more air marshals are be be put on international flights. moran dom screenings at airport -- more random screenings at airports. more on this coming up tonight on the news edge at 11:00. >>> another big story we're following tonight, gilbert arenas is facing gun charges. the wizards star hit with a felony today. it all stems from an incident last month in the team's locker room. prosecutors have charged the wizards guard with carrying a pistol without a license. we have more on his legal troubles. >> reporter: shawn, the player we know as agent zero will be in a very different court tomorrow than he's used to here at the verizon center. he will be at d.c. superior court and it seems prosecutors are playing hardball. the stakes just got higher for wizards star player gilbert arenas. he is now facing a felony gun possession charge. prosecutors filed it as an information which legal experts say usually means the defendant will plead guilty. defense attorney
the assistance from the united states would continue for as long as it takes. >> as president obama said, we will be here today, tomorrow, and for the time ahead. >> we're learning when secretary clinton got back on board the c-130, she was not alone. in fact, she was helping transport back about 50 american citizens who were in haiti at the time of the quake. they were returning with the secretary to america to seek further treatment in the united states. matt ackland, fox 5 news. >> thank you, matt for that and as you mentioned about the treatment, medical aid is crucial in haiti right now and more help is on the way. the huge naval hospital ship the comfort steamed out of baltimore this morning headed to the devastated country. the vessel can handle about 200 patients a day and as you can imagine, it's an enormous effort getting it ready in a short period of time. john henrehan continues our team coverage with that story. >> reporter: in the predawn darkness at the port of baltimore, a handful of families were drawn to an illuminated white ship being readied for departure. it's the u.s. n
not accept second place for the united states of america. >>> president barack obama makes his flee to congress and the country as he delivered his first state of the union address. the president delivering a strong message last night. >> and today he hits the road starting to sell some of the ideas he outlined in last night but he also is not backing away from his agenda. >>> the president of the united ates. >> reporter: greeted by the traditional standing ovation, the president acknowledged that this has been a rough year. >> despite our hardships, our union is strong. >> reporter: and getting stronger he argued, despite unpopular policies like the bailout of the financial sector. >> i hated it, you hated it, it was about as popular as a root canal. >> reporter: and moving forward, he told congress his top priority will be jobs. he touted tax cuts and new incentives for small business. >> and that's why i'm calling for a new jobs bill tonight. >> reporter: and then there was the topic that just about everyone in this room has argued about for months. >> we still need health insur
is starting to set in as survivors wait for food and medical help. >>> the united states has taken the lead in relief efforts. an ircraft carrier will arrive to dispatch helicopters to hard to reach areas. the airport has one runway. a luxury cruise ship is also enroute to provide temporary housing. >>> the country teeters on the brink of violence as one u.n. official says people are slowly getting impatient. >> one problem is the police have simply van under ad long with the government. sherry ly has more. >> reporter: the haitian embassy here continues to coordinate relief efforts and help people find those missing but getting that aid to the earthquake victims has been slow. the u.s. has dispatched thousands of troops and sent tons of food and supplies but aid workers say people are fighting over food and water and the situation is etting worse. in the photographer math of a see still in shock, complete chaos. survivors of tuesday's earthquake in port-au-prince, haiti wander the streets dazed as rescuers desperately search the rubble for any signs of life. >> there are a lot of people in
station. >>> new this morning, another audio tape from osama bin laden is blasting the united states for ausing global warming. he also blames other industrialized problems. he's calling for a worldwide boycott of the u.s. dollar and all products made in the united states. >>> and the white house is scrambling to find a plan b. for the trial of the 9/11 terror attacks. >> there is growing outrage for a trial in ew york city and now the administration is looking for other options. doug luzader has the story this morning from capitol hill. >> reporter: the administration has been hammered over this decision to try khalid shake mohammed in new york but the white house may be looking for a way out. after the announcement of the trial in new york city, the drum roll from new york has been relentless. >> they're not going to try him in new york. there's no question. the cost is prohibitive, and the risk factor is too much to sustain. >> reporter: and officials tell fox news they are looking at alternatives. the administration had been standing behind attorney general eric holder's decision
't rule that out. one former yemeni soldier says if it is united states does get involved, instead of dealing with the 30 or 40 al-qaeda terrorists, they will have millions on their hands. >>> man charged with posing as you secret service agent to get to kathleen sebelius is expected to be in court today. frederick nickerson was arrested last tuesday after authorities say he flashed a phony badge and credentials and made it all the way to her sixth floor office before being spotted by somebody who noticed he wasn't supposed to be there. he is being held at the d.c. jail. >>> he dropped off a customer and the next thing he remembered was waking up covered in blood. police on the hunt for the person who shot a cab driver in the face. it happened saturday just blocks from dupont circle near the u street corridor when the driver droped a fare at 17th and t streets. >> totally unusual. i've lived here for 15 years aces single woman living alone. i've never had a second of feeling uncomfortable. >> effect that drives realizes they're at risk -- everybody that drives realizes they are at
this effect. >> the united states is offering our full assistance to haiti and to others in the region. >> the worst earthquake to rock haiti in more than # hundred years. thousands injured and the death toll ignificant. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm gurvir dhindsa. thank you for being here. there have already been several aftershocks and the images show the sheer devastation. everything from simple shams to the national palace have collapsed. at least two americans are said to be among the wreckage. it could be some time before we know how many people may have been killed. we'll get a full report coming up in just a few minutes. >> we want to check in with tone way perkins, say good morning to him. >> good news as we begin the warm-up we've been talking about. we'll see our temperatures rise to the seasonal normal. we are heading in the right direction. right now, it is a cold start to the day. 28degrees under mostly clear skies. relative humidity is at 51%. the winds are out of the northwest at nine miles per hour and i think the winds are going to be pretty okay today. ba
is a look at the satellite- radar if the eastern united states. a lot of clouds out there this morning. i think we'll see a fairly decent sunrise but i think we'll see more sunshine in the latter part of the day. current temperatures around the region here in d.c., 30 degrees. 29 out at dulles airport. 28 in baltimore. owe hen city at 28 degrees. in winchest, virginia, it is 26 degrees at this hour. forecast for today looks like this. early morning clouds, afternoon sun, a little more breezy today than it was yesterday. winds will pick up. they will be out of the northwest 10 to 15 miles per hour. we are looking for a high of 36 degrees yet again below normal. more details on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you, tony. >> let's check in with julie wright see how traffic is moving early this morning. >> well, we're dealing with a lot of water main breaks right now. if you are eastbound 50 in virginia out in chantilly, that is where we have the water main break. right side of the roadblocked off there. route seven at george mason drive for the water main break. route on
by virginia's second governor, thomas jefferson. it is not easy to follow the president of the united states. in my 18 year old twin boys added pressure to me by giving me 10 minutes to finish before they leave to go watch sports center. i am joined by fellow virginiians to share a public perspective on how best to challenges of our nation today. we were encouraged to hear president obama speak this evening about the need to create jobs. all americans should have the opportunity to find and keep meaningful work and the dignity that comes with it. [applause] many of us here tonight and many of you watching have family or friends that lost their jobs. in fact, one this 10 americans is unemployed. that is unacceptable. here in virginia we face our highest unemployment rate in 25 years and bringing new jobs and more opportunities to our citizens is t top priorities of my administration. good government policiless should spur economic growth and the responsibility of the private sector to have new jobs. we must have policies that promote entrepreneur ship and innovation so that america can better
to fundamentally transform the united states of america. and i think he understands he's not. that wasn't his mandate. it's not his authority. luckily, it turned out to be beyond disability. the question is does he learns lesson from the first year? does he learns lesson about the failure to close guantanamo, failure of the healthcare plan, letting justice department being in charge of terrorists, attempt to engage iran? all the things he tried and failed. does he learn a lesson and change policy -- >> chris: from what you saw in the "state of the union" and what you saw there, has he learned the message or not? >> mixed. mixed. he understands things went wrong. that's good. that's the beginning. he's not in denial of reality, but the question is does he take the consequences of what happens or does he pull back and be more kraushs trying kraushs -- cautious trying to do more things. look how quickly they dropped the trial of new york city for sha khalid sheikh mohammed. he could have a more cenist second year than a lot of my conservative friends think who are convinced he's an ideologue and
against the united states. the president's top counter- terrorism advisor made the sunday talk show rounds to talk more about the potential attacks. >> there are indications that al-qaeda is planning to carry out an attack in the capital of yemen. i spoke with our ambassador down there. both the u.s. and the british embassies have been closed. >> yemen is the ancestral home of osama bin laden. as for whether u.s. troops might be sent there, the administration's top counter- terrorism advisor says that is not under discussion. >>> police arrested paul marriage in florida in a hotel. the motel's owner recognizes him from america's most wanted. he is being held without bond on four counts of murder and other charges. >>> there is an alert for metro riders. coleing up income here on fox 5, why you may be facing new delays this morning. >>> also, governor mart uno'malley could be facing a challenge from his own party. >>> all of that is coming up after the break. we'll get an update on the weather forecast on this chilly monday morning. we'll also check the roads with julie. stay with us. rainb
the united states. omar says he doubts his father will order any more mass attacks and claims bin laden is worth more to the united states alive than dead because his death could unleash nasty attacks by militants. >>> a consumer alert affecting millions of car owners. toit toits has issued a giant recall -- toyota has issue add giant recall. a popular georgetown store is going out of business. maureen umeh is back with your fox 5 top five. >>> we start tonight with another georgetown store front shutting down. commander sal mandzer's closing by the end ever the month. it's been in business since the early '80s selling punk and new age clothing. this is the 53rd business to close its doors in georgetown in the past year. another business is opening a new store in our area. number four, macy's i opening its first bloomingdale's outlet stores. one will be at potomac mills mall in woodbridge, virginia. more outlet locations are expected to open in 2011. >>> skip just a teaspoon of salt in your diet every day and cue get dramatic health results. by reducing sodium by just 3 grams a day you
] >> we do this throughout th united states, especially on the east coast, help each other all the time. this would be new for us going international if you will. >> reporter: what took minutes to destroy will take years to rebuild. for this woman seeing her niece rescued is mixed seeing her home country in ruins. >> it brought joy to us and my family but a joy we can't even celebrate, those that are still alive. >> reporter: haiti's ambassador to the u.s. said if there is a silver lining to all this is that his country now has a chance to rebuild better than ever. in the satellite center, fox 5 news. >>> we're also hearing tonight from the president of the royal caribbean cruise line taking heat for continuing to drop anchor in haiti. the ships are dropping anchor about 60 miles away from the carnage letting passengers on shore. critics claim that is in poor taste. the company president says haiti government wants them there. >> we have a 30-year history with haiti and we strongly support the country. the government wants us to be there with the ships for to reasons. one is the deliver
. >> i pledge to the people of haiti that you will have a friend and partner in the united states of america today and going forward. may god bless the people of haiti. >> reporter: the united ations now said 14 of the workers were killed in the earthquake and with 150 people unaccounted for, that number will be much higher. today, president obama urged americans even in the difficult times to support humanitarian efforts saying we have to be there in their hour of need. thank you. >>> a local priest is one of the many people missing in haiti tonight. father jasmine works closely with the haitian community in the district arriving in port au prince on monday and there has been no word from him since the quake struck. paul wagner has the story from the shrine. >> reporter: the pastor, the people who work here and the congregation at sacred heart are terribly worried about father jasmine but with the communication network down in haiti, there is little they can do but wait and worry. >> reporter: father jasmine arrived for a short vacation when the quake hit on tuesday afternoon. he
a potential vulnerability. he has to be seen protecting the united states against attacks. >> air passengers from 14 countries are now getting extra scrutiny. >> it's very blunt instrument what the transportation security agency said they want to do, just looking at everybody from 14 or so countries. this fellow was not radicalized in nigeria. he was radicalized in london, for goodness sakes. >> the president promised to do more. >> we have to do better and we will do better. >> reporter: and this will also complicate the president's plan to close the detention facility at guantanamo bay. the christmas terror plot was planyemen. so, for now, prisoners from yemen slated to return home are staying put. >>> we now know why a security camera at newark airport failed to catch pictures of a man who cause add lockdown. federal agent could not retrieve the pictures after the man walked the wrong way through a security checkpoint. the airport shut down causing major delays. >>> and a security scare in california forced a small airport to shut down. security alarms sounded after an alarm detecting tnt
people. >> a dismissal i want to make clear is not an acquittal. i'm announcing the united states government will appeal this decision. our justice department will file that appeal from the judge's decision next week. >> vice president biden made the announcement in baghdad. he is in iraq to help the nation prepare for upcoming elections. >>> the veterans administration medical center brought together dozens of city agencies to help homeless veterans. it was called the veteran stand down. to receive assistance at the event. most of them got basic medical screening. >>> did your utility bill give you a shock this month? it has been skyrocketing. against the utily industry. >> absolutely. you won't have to worry about the heating bill this weekend. temperatures are on the rise but something else is headed our way and i'll have the details after the break.  stand by for captions ] >>> in guess of this year i received a bill for the amount of $7400. >> reporter: had you been paying monthly bills? >> yes, estimated bills as well for a 33-month-old. >> reporter: the other demonst
into the united states from another country. outlining the changes, the president stressed many of the changes made in the week and a half since the attempted christmas day bombing. these include dozens of people added to the watch list that are supposed to keep terrorists off aircraft bound for the united states. they are looking at those lists and reviewing to see if they are up to date and accurate. the state department has been taken to task in order to be more aggressive about rejecting and rescinding travel visa is to the u.s. and a comprehensive review is still under way at this hour about the man charged in the christmas day plot and why u.s. officials were not able to connect the dot as to his intentions. >> the bottom line is this: the u.s. government had sufficient information to uncover this plot but the intelligence community failed to connect the dots which would have placed the suspect on the no fly list. in other words, this was not a failure to collect intelligence but to integrate and understand the intelligence that we had. >> reporter: during the white house briefing today,
more difficult for the united states to enact its regulations in other cups. >> they should use ways that are actually effective. >> reporter: one former special agent says that focusing on entire countries rather than individuals casts a wide net that a terrorist could slip through. >> what we've seen from these latest incidents is that really the government needs to start focusing more resources on people who they do have some reason to believe are actually involved in misconduct. >> reporter: still, most passengers say despite the delays they don't have a choice so they are willing to put up with the extra screenings. >>> that was tom fitzgerald reporting. >>> president obama will meet with his top security advisers tomorrow. it is not clear on the measures that will be announced. >>> and fallout from a scare at newark airport, with a man walking the wrong way yesterday, causing massive delays. well now the security in the area is reassigned. the man who walked through the security has not been identified nor located. officers didn't find anything suspicious. we'll stay on top of
and india which are growing faster than the united states is contributing to the problem. in fact, in china, consumers were on an automobile shopping spree last year, far surpassing the number of cars manufactured than here in the u.s. which means more gas tanks to fill around the globe. in new york, fox 5 news. >>> good news for college students. scrounging up money for pricy text books. barns and noble launched a rental service. it will be available through campus bookstores. it could cut a students text book cost by as much s 50%. it will be offered at 640 colleges including the university of maryland. >> i can't belie in this day and age they have text books. >> they really shouldn't but we just transferred a lot of money to think daughter's account to pay for books. >> they >> in january there are typically a few days where we get above 50. last year i was looking and we had three days at or above 50 and i think we can squeeze one out this week. that will be good news. a long haul with wind and temperatures well below average. so far this month only one day where we have been close to
of security on flights headed to the u.s. >> if you want to fly to the united states, you have to play by our security rules, no questions asked. >> reporter: but those security rules were breached sunday ate u.s. airport. flights were grounded for hours at newark's airport after a man bypassed security by walking down the terminal's exit lane. they never found the person but everyone in the terminal had to be rescreened starting today, all passengers on flights to the u.s. from nigeria, yes, ma'am antiand other untries of interest will undergo va screening like body scans and patdowns. other foreign flights will face random screening. in washington, caroline shively, fox news. >>> five american men from the district area are due to appear in a pakistani anti-terrorism court today. the muslim men were arrested last month for plotting attacks in pakistan. the case spurred fears that westerners are traveling to pakistan to join militant groups. police have said they will seek live sentences. >>> a fire in prince george's county sent a woman to the hospital early this morning and started just be
supplies are starting to get in, just not fast enough. >>> back in the united states, a misunderstanding about a prayer ritual caused a mid- flight scare. a plane made unscheduled landing in philadelphia after a 17-year-old jewish boy started using a tefillin. the teen was questioned and allowed to continue his trip. the tefillin are two small cube shap boxes painted black. they are attached to straps used to tie the boxes to the head and arm and contain bible passages. >>> did you see it, senator john mccain may be opposed to gay marriage but his wife is for it. she is taking a high profile stance against prop 8 posing for this ad. the prop 8 law banning gay marriage is being challenged in court. as for senator mccain's response to the ad, he says he respects his family members views but he believes marriage is defined between a man and a woman. >>> another georgetown storefront is shutting down. commander salamander will be closing down. they sell punk and new wave closing -- clothing. >>> turn our attention to the storm coming our way. >> it will be here soon starting out as rain and
to the united states, try them on a military base and a very -- >> for its part, the justice department said no final decision has been made as to whether or not to hold any guantanamo detainee trial in the nation's capitol. that was a policy analysts say, such a trial despite the security concerns, could have benefits. >> the pers is dangerous. you don't try them unless you're sure you will win. >> reporter: michael o'handland said the obama administration which, is announcing the -- suspected 9/11 plotters in new york city, made it clear it wants to use the u.s. court system. >> we're trying to use the court system where we can to avoid the image of unlawful and definite detection. >> reporter: hambali, as he's known, is suspected to be the main link between al qaeda and the group to carry out the bali bombing, appearing in 2007 before a military tribunal and denied any connection with al qaeda. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. >>> giving you the news edge on maryland. all officers where a burglary suspect in silver spring. the man led police on a chase after breaking into the frost school in r
to haiti right now. temporary protective status will apply to haitians who were here in the united states before the quake. and in our area a different kind of protection being offered. tonight the saint camillus church in sill silver spring held a special mass. afternoon bishop donald wuerl told us the purpose of the mass was simple: to offer support. >> the haitians have a saying god is good. god is good. tonight we're simply going to ask god to give us strength, to strengthen our solidarity and to nurture that sense of belonging and support for another one. >> the archbishop sent $100,000 to catholic relief workers on the ground and the archbishop says there will be more. >>> two nights ago we told but a group of ten women from southern maryland caught in the quake while on a mission trip. tonight they're all home and telling their story to fox 5's bob barnard. bob? >> reporter: brian, they got home very early this morning taking advantage of a sudden opportunity to leave haiti. their working vacation following in the footsteps of mother teresa turned up side down. >> we were exactly w
in the southwestern united states. as it gets closer and we see a lot of consensus, we'll be ab to nail that down and we know the timing will be late on friday around 9:00 and later and that has been trending later and later. 9:00 p.m. the school kids aren't going to get a day off and that will last into saturday and there are certainly plenty of warnings across the country and some winter storm watches. so we know this is going to have a big effect including a blizzard in the middle part of the country and not expected to be a blizzard here and these are winter storm watches and already posted in portions of north carolina and extreme southern virginia. the track is going to be key with the thing and the high pressure to our north is going to ensure that plenty of cold air is in place and we'll be hard-pressed to be above freezing on friday and on saturday. saturday may not get out of the 20s and we watch our storm, which could take more of a northern track that would bring us more snow and seems like the southern track is being favored. we'll get some snow out of it but not going to get enough
it forward in light of a new political reality. >> the united states senator from massachusetts, scott brown. >> reporter: the obama white house is shell shocked by this stunning victory as the first republican senator from massachusetts in nearly 40 years. >> the president was surprised and frustrated. everybody bears some responsibility, certainly including the white house. >> reporter: tuesday's election results are slowing down the president's push for health care reform. the president still believes broad reforms are needed but he doesn't want a vote on a reconciled bill until brown is seated. >> reporter: just a few weeks ago, brown was a little known state senator. >> the number one thing i heard is people are tired of business as usual. >> reporter: now he is republican poster board for gop resurgence. >> what happened, independent independents, the people that put together the coalition for barack obama and democrats are fleeing in droves. >> reporter: meanwhile, democratic senators while acknowledging the loss of their 60 vote majority down played its impact. >> the election in mas
and then addressed the media. >> i want to assure the people of haiti that the united states is a friend, a partner, and a supporter, and we will work with your government. >> reporter: earlier in the day the president invited former presidents george w. bush and clinton to the white house to discuss the massive effort to help the haitian people. >> i know people want to send blankets or water, just send your cash. one of the things that the president and i will do is make sure your money is spent wisely. >> it is still one of the most remarkable unique places i have ever been. and they can escape their history and build a better future if we do our part. >> reporter: meanwhile back here in our area, we caught up with several people from the group helping haitian angels. on sunday, they'll begin thur journey to haiti to help care for orphans. >> this is going to be life- changing, i think for everybody. >> reporter: many members of the group have been to haiti before, but this time they aren't sure what to expect. >> we want to help the people. this is what we're going down there to do. it's not ab
- qaeda and yemen may be planning more attacks on the united states. although no specific threats have been made, airlines are being more cautious which means long are waits at security especially if you are flying internationally. more federal air marshals on international flights, more random screenings and hundreds more names added to the terror watch list since that attempted bombing on northwest airlines flight on christmas day. >>> as we go it a break this morning -- >> with just one phone call, can you help relief efforts this morning. we have set up a phone bank in our fox five studios with five organizations. can you choose which you would like to don't a ate to. the number -- to donate to. the number the same for all. call our phone bank at the number on yr screen. we're back with morfox 5 morning news after this. everywhere you look it's happening a return to saving choosing less over more solid is making a comeback for solid savings, come to suntrust. live solid. bank solid. which is fantastic. we'll have them over for a friday night pizza. it's just our way of entertaining
. >>> an optimistic new year's resolution for north korea and it involves the united states. >> coming up next, could the north be ready to turn over a new leaf? >>> as we go it a break -- to a break, here are some scenes from last night. you are watching fox 5 morning news.  >>> more violence in pakistan to start off the new year. pakistani officials say three people were killed in a u.s. missile strike near the afghan border. that missile strike hit a car carrying alleged mill tabts which u.s. officials believe are threatening the war effort in neighboring afghanistan. -- that missile strike hit a car carrying alleged militants. >>> a new year and a new north korea? the communist country used its annual knew year's message to call for relations with the united states. the comment could signal the regime is ready to return to international talks. >>> the federal judge has thrown out the case against blackwater security guards charged with killing civilians in iraq. a blackwater convoy opened fire on a crowd of unarmed iraqis at an intersection in baghdad in september 2007.
of the united states, vice president of of the united states and the visiting dignitaries. >> a grand jury is investigating the security breach and the salahis could still be facing criminal charge ms. this case. >>> stay tuned to fox 5 morning news. ahead in our 8:00 hour, d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton will be joining us live to talk more about that hearing yesterday. we will also be talking about delegate norton about a a big delivery that she and the group d.c. vote dropped off at the union station post office. they sent the white house 41,000 pet i gos demanding a rote in congress for citizens of district. they are calling on the president to include a statement about d.c. democracy in his upcoming state of the union address. >>> coming up next be, the way that banks do business is in for a big change. >> more on the restrictions that president obama is putting into place. >>> what did not happen right after the suspect in that attempted christmas day terror attack was arrested. these stories coming up.  >>> president obama cracking down on big banks. he is set to give the
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